Learn mikrotik

1. Before you start learning Mirotik, it's good you learn first about the basic computer network here: Basic Components of Computer Networks and Its Definition

2. Next you also need to know about the basics of the following Mikrotik terms: - What is Mikrotik? Understanding Mikrotik & Explanation - Learn Mikrotik: Mikrotik Basic Theory

3. If you want to use Mikrotik without RouterBoard, that is by installing Mikrotik on PC.

4. If you want to learn Mikrotik using Simulator like Packet Tracer, you can use Mikrotik Simulator in GNS3, like Mikrotik Tutorial here: Learn Mikrotik without RouterBoard Using GNS3 Simulator

5. To access your Mikrotik from PC is done in the following ways: 4 ways to access Mikrotik

6. Next you can configure your Mikrotik according to your desire and purpose


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